May 2nd, 2011

  • sholio

Genficathon deadline reminder & art signups/deadlines

Hi all! This is a final reminder that you need to turn in at least a rough draft of your Genficathon story by Thursday, May 5 in order to have it included in the artist story claiming. (In actual practice, there's a bit of wiggle room - we'll try to include every story that we have received by the time that we open story claiming on Saturday! This is the first year we've done this, though, so turning in your story on deadline will help guarantee that it won't slip through the cracks). The final due date on stories is not until June 11, so you can still edit your story and have it beta'd, as long as it's in decent enough shape now that it won't cause your artist's eyes to bleed. *g* The story that you send us is going to be forwarded to your artist, and it's what they'll work from, so stories should be reasonably complete and shouldn't have any major plot changes during revisions. We can't guarantee an artist for every story (it depends on how many people sign up), but we will try.

ETA: Even if the story you supply us is a rough draft, it needs to have the header information (summary, approximate word count, etc) because we're going to be supplying this information to the artists! Thank you, and sorry I forgot to mention it sooner!

And now - artist signups!

I have created a community: sgagen_art. If you are interested in doing art for the Genficathon, please go and join that community. Membership is moderated and I won't be approving people quite yet, but that's where the story claiming will happen.

leesa_perrie has graciously volunteered to run the story claiming. It will be similar to the way that story claiming for the SGA Big Bang has worked in the past, if you've ever done that -- you will get to pick from a list of (anonymous) story descriptions. (Though obviously they will be quite a lot shorter than the Big Bang stories!) I'll have more detailed instructions at the sgagen_art community later in the week.

Story claiming will open on Saturday, May 7, at 2 p.m. USA Eastern Time (7-8 p.m. in Western Europe). This is tentative and will depend on how many artists have schedule conflicts. If we need, we can either change the time or open a second round of story claiming at a different time to accommodate artists in other time zones.

You will be signing up to complete at least one piece of art (you can do more, but one is guaranteed). Any kind of art is fine - manips, wallpapers, title graphics/covers, hand-drawn illustrations, etc ... you can even make a vid if you want! Your art will be due on June 11, though of course you can always turn it in earlier.

Questions, problems, issues? Please ask! You can either comment here or email sga.genficathon at
  • sholio

Oh, and one more thing!

I'm pretty sure this information is in the instructions somewhere, but just to make sure that everyone knows - if you've already turned in your story, you can request another prompt and write another story if you like. (More fic is always better, right?) Just let me know by emailing sga.genficathon @ gmail (and also let me know which genre you want; you can keep the same, or try a new one).

ETA: Comments to this post are not screened, so please don't post anything in a comment that you don't want the whole world to see!