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2012 Prompts submission post

In order to start the 2012 round of the Stargate Atlantis Gen Ficathon, we'll need prompts! Writers will have options (assigned prompt(s), prompt selected from a restricted list, or prompt-free), and a strong selection is valuable.

Submit prompts here. Responses will be screened to keep the full list secret.

Prompts can be words, phrases, sayings, song lyrics, events, emotions, things, places, specific items/places from the show, etc. A prompt should be vague enough that it can apply to any of the ficathon's different genre areas (Friendship, Angst, Team, Humor, Action/Adventure, AU, or Supporting Character Appreciation Day). You can list as many prompts in a comment as you like.

Duplicating prompts from prior years is fine, and prior submissions may be pulled in during the selection/assignments phase.

[This post will close at the end of the day (by US EST) on Saturday, January 28, just before author signups open. Posted schedules have been adjusted to account for this.]

[Additional note from michelel72: Once author signups open, I will post notices at sga_noticeboard, [community profile] sga_noticeboard, polyfandom_gen, and [community profile] fandomcalendar. I'm also open to suggestions for other locations to notify.]

0200 EST 29 January 2012: Prompts are now closed
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