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2012 Genficathon signups


The signup period will be from now until Wednesday 15 February 2012 at midnight US EST. Assignments will go out by the following Monday.

We will also have artists providing art for this year's stories. Artist signups and story claiming will be on Saturday 5 May 2012.

Please read the Rules (in the userinfo) before you sign up. Artist information and rules will be announced in April (but will be similar to the way the Big Bangs work).

Stories will be posted to the SGA GenFicathon 2012 collection at Archive of Our Own (AO3); they will be incrementally opened as "Anonymous" in early June, and author reveals will follow. After the reveal will come a bonus round hosted here on Livejournal. Details on both will follow. Authors for the primary round will therefore need an AO3 user; contact michelel72 if you need an invitation.

Sign up by copying the following template and pasting it in a comment to this post (with your information filled in, of course). All comments are screened!

<strong>Author name</strong>:
<strong>Author name on AO3</strong>:
<strong>Genre (1st choice)</strong>:
<strong>Genre (2nd choice(s))</strong>:

Choose from the following genres (as described in the rules):
-Supporting Character Appreciation Day

For the prompt field, you may answer any of the following:
- Any one prompt from the prompts post. (The prompts are linked separately to avoid spoiling anyone who wants to be surprised.)
- The response "Assign". You may also include a number up to three. If this is your answer, you will be emailed randomly assigned prompts equal to the number you request. (If you include no number, "one" will be assumed.) Clarification: The theory is that you will then choose one of these prompts, but if you request multiple, you may combine (or not) any or all of them as you choose.
- The response "Freestyle". If this is your answer, you aren't committing to a prompt at all; you may write to any theme you choose within the rules.

You will need to provide a rough draft (or finished story) by Thursday 3 May 2012 to have your story assigned to an artist. (Your story can still be in beta/rewrite, but should not change significantly after this date. If you don't have a draft by that point, you will not be kicked out of the ficathon, but you won't get any art.)

All stories and art are due Saturday 2 June 2012. Posting will begin on Monday 4 June 2012.

If you finish your story and would like to write another, yes you can; just ask for (or choose) a new prompt and, if desired, a new genre. There's no limit to the number of stories you can write for the Genficathon. You can also submit multiple stories for your prompt(s).

If you have to drop out, please email or PM this user or michelel72 with the following text: "I have to drop out of the SGA Genficathon. I was signed up as [your username]."

If you have any questions, post a comment here; email this user; email sga.genficathon at Gmail; or PM or email michelel72.
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