sga_genadmin (sga_genadmin) wrote in sga_genficathon,

State of the signups

Author sign-ups close one week from today!

The signups look good — lower than in years past, but still a nice representation. However, we could still really use some folks for the Humor category, since at the moment absolutely no one has signed up for it. Please spread the word!

We could also use one or two folks for Team.

Any amendments to signups should be made as comments on the signup post, please. You can edit your comment, reply to your own comment, or comment again to the main post; any of those is fine.

Signup numbers are under the cut for those who are interested:

Friendship 2 6 1
Angst..... 4 0
Team...... 1 1
Humor..... 0 0 0
Act/Adv... 2 1 1
AU........ 2 2
SuppChar.. 3 1

Poor "Friendship", always the bridesmaid .... :)
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