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2012 Signups are closed!

The signups are now officially closed! If you signed up before this post, you'll be included. (Yes, that includes the couple of stragglers. *cough*) I'll be sending out emails with category and prompt assignments over the next few days.

My goals are participation and fun. I don't want folks to feel too stressed about this! If you receive an assigned prompt that's just a non-starter for you, let me know and I'll spin the wheel for you again if you like. Similarly, if you try to get somewhere with your prompt and just can't, let me know. (Please use this option sparingly; but at the same time, I would much rather be flexible than see folks have to drop out.)

If your fic takes a left turn on you so that it would be better suited to a different category, please let me know that as well. I make no guarantees, but there is a small amount of room for shuffling.

If you absolutely must drop out, please let me know as soon as you can do so.

Everyone participating should now have an AO3 account or an invitation for one. If you still need an AO3 account invitation (for yourself or for a cowriter), please let me know; I have a few left.

If you have an artist you want to work with directly, want to provide your own art, or don't want art, you're good to go. If you'll want to be matched to an artist, you must have at least a rough draft by Thursday, 3 May.

If you know how to post to AO3 collections, you'll want to post to the SGA_GenFicathon_2012 collection and may do so whenever your fic is ready. The collection is (or should be!) unrevealed at this point. I will be posting a guide in the next few weeks with details for folks who aren't as comfortable with posting to AO3 collections, as well as details of specific preferences for this collection. All stories and art are due Saturday 2 June and I will reveal one fic per day starting Monday 4 June. Author reveals will be done the Monday after the fics run out, and the bonus round will open that same day.

To reach me, you can PM or email this user or michelel72. For email, please use the addresses (sga.genficathon and michelel72 respectively). Please do not use addresses for either user; they are not coming through. (Thanks to writerjc for alerting me to this!) You may also comment here; comments are screened, but I'll leave reponses in clear if they're useful for the comm.
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