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Minor signup/schedule details

These are just a few updates and details about the posting schedule; I thought a few folks might be interested.

Due to some late adjustments, we now have 21 writers signed up. At one story per day, that's three full weeks of posting if everyone stays in! (I could limit posting to two weeks, but I'd like to give everyone's story one day of individual exposure, and three weeks seems a reasonable upper limit for that.)

The category requests weren't quite as perfectly serendipitous, so the third week will be a little less in-order as the first two. (That said, I'm very grateful to those writers who signed up for or agreed to switch to a lesser-populated category; the near balance is largely thanks to them!) I'd rather go with that than try to push, say, an angst writer into humor.

So the tentative posting schedule is
Monday, 4 June: Friendship 1
Tuesday, 5 June: Angst 1
Wednesday, 6 June: Team 1
Thursday, 7 June: Humor 1
Friday, 8 June: Action/Adventure 1
Saturday, 9 June: AU 1
Sunday, 10 June: Supporting Character 1
Monday, 11 June: Friendship 2
Tuesday, 12 June: Angst 2
Wednesday, 13 June: Team 2
Thursday, 14 June: Humor 2
Friday, 15 June: Action/Adventure 2
Saturday, 16 June: AU 2:
Sunday, 17 June: Supporting Character 2
Monday, 18 June: Angst 3a or Friendship 3
Tuesday, 19 June: Angst 3
Wednesday, 20 June: Team 3
Thursday, 21 June: Action/Adventure 3a
Friday, 22 June: Action/Adventure 3
Saturday, 23 June: Angst 3b or AU 3
Sunday, 24 June: Supporting Character 3
[where "a" and "b" markers are swap-ins]
Author exposure: Sunday, 1 July

(So, yeah, a lot of folks asked for Angst, in the end!)

My current plan is to post/reveal in approximate signup order, as well, so the first person who requested humor will reveal in week one, while the second person who requested supporting character will reveal in week two, and the third person who asked for angst will reveal in week three, and so on.

Of course, this schedule rather shakes up if folks drop out or write extra stories. I don't have a concrete plan for that. I did move the author exposure out a bit so that the third-week stories have some time as anonymous rather than having exposure following hard on their appearance; if we get extra stories, I might slot them into that extra week. (If we get extra stories for humor, AU, or possibly friendship, though, they might bump down the extra angst and A/A stories to preserve the rotation as long as possible.) Similarly, if an "early" signup drops out, I'll pull a later story for that category up if there is one.

You may notice that I'm talking in conditionals and possibilities here. I'd rather make sure that we have one story post per day until we run out and that folks are comfortable with their assignments than try to force anything rigid. That said, if you want to know where you currently fall in this tentative, no-guarantees timeline, you can comment here (screened) or ask by Gmail. These dates are in pencil and are not promises. Since the reveals will be on my side and will be initially anonymous, I don't expect date conflicts to be a problem for writers; but if your tentative date really doesn't work for you for some reason, let me know and I can try to tweak. Alternately, you can go with the flow and just see where your story turns up. I will try to send out firm(er) dates as of the start of June, once the turn-in deadline arrives.

Happy writing, all!
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