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2012 Genficathon check-in post

Greetings, participants! I hope your stories are going well.

There's no need to respond to this post. I just wanted to make sure folks still feel they're on track. If you want art, you'll need to have a draft turned in a little over two weeks from now.

We're going to try to run artist matching the same way it was done last year, so I'm going to start by pointing you to this post with last year's details. The dates are just a bit different: Drafts are due Thursday 3 May and the matching will be done Saturday 5 May.

In short: You'll need to turn in a draft of your story. It doesn't need to be in its final version; but it should be artist-readable, and it should not have any major revisions (such as a drastic change of plot) after it's turned in. You must also include header information (title, summary, approximate word count, and so forth). These headers will be used in the artist claiming.

To turn in a draft, send it to the Gmail address for this comm (sga.genficathon).

If you're just not ready by then, you don't have to turn in a draft! You can still participate in the Genficathon without art (or can provide your own art/artist, if you prefer).

All stories must be posted to AO3 by Saturday 2 June to be included. I'll throw together various details for formatting and headers and such, with the goal of posting that this coming weekend. [Very short guidance: To post, don't just go to your user and upload the story as standard. Instead, go to this link — or go to the collection and click the "post to collection" button; both end up at the same place. This will ensure the fic remains hidden from the public and, when I release it, posts as "Anonymous" until the collection is revealed. You can post whenever you're ready, and it should remain editable as long as you need, still hidden from the public.]

I will be reviewing the artist match details shortly to be better informed myself. If you have any questions about anything for this fest, please feel free to ask them here or email/PM them to me.

(Note: The reason this post is as late in the process as it is, and the reason I'm not switching to the comm user to post it, has to do with my RL being a bit out of control. (Just overbooked, no emergencies, so please don't worry!) I am trying to prioritize this event over other fandom stuff; if I'm at all unresponsive, please don't be shy about poking me!)

Good luck and good writing!
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