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Stargate Atlantis Gen Ficathon
Annual genfic festival
Call for artists! 
25th-Apr-2012 06:34 pm
Do you want to provide art for one or more Genficathon stories? If so, please respond to this post; I will add responders to the sgagen_art community. I'm setting this post to screen comments, so don't worry about anonymity (though artists haven't been anonymous for this fest and won't, I think, be anonymous this time either).

The joining deadline is Thursday, 3 May. (The hard deadline is actually Saturday, 5 May, because that's artist/fic matching day, but this ensures I have time to get folks added. I make no promises that I'll be able to add anyone who asks after 3 May in time, though I will try.)

The art comm is currently set so that maintainers have to send invitations. (I could probably change it, but I don't want to mess about too much.) You'll therefore want to be sure you're getting notifications in order to receive the invitation. If you have any problems with this setup, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Please also spread the word to any other artists who may be interested!
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