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Author check-in

The draft deadline for those who want art is upon us — a draft should be sent in by the end of the day Thursday (US time) if you want to be matched with an artist.

That may be a problem, because so far only one fic has been turned in. Folks may be using every last second, and if so that's totally fine, but I need to get a sense of whether that's really the case. So: a poll!

All authors, please do respond. (Anyone who's already told me they're dropping out can skip this.)

Poll #1837868 Author check-in

How is your fic progressing?

I'll have a draft turned in within about a day for the artist match!
I would definitely have a draft turned in if the matching were a week later!
I might be able to turn in a draft given another week, but no promises.
I won't be able to turn in a draft for artist matching (even with another week), but I'll be done by the no-art deadline.
I think I'll be done by the no-art deadline, but no promises.
I need to drop out of the Genficathon entirely.
Other (in screened comments)

If the deadline were pushed out a week, artists would be allowed to extend by a week as well if needed; I can play around with the posting order to accommodate.
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