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One-week extension for drafts-for-art; new art-matching option

Okay, I'm going to be decisive here.

I am pushing out the draft-for-art deadline and the matching day one week. Drafts for art are now due Thursday 10 May with matching scheduled for the following Saturday 12 May.

To those who have already turned in drafts: Thank you. If you send in a revised version of your draft by the new deadline, we'll use that; otherwise, we'll use the version that is already submitted.
Artists: The final fic deadline is not changing, but you may use up to a full extra week past that date if you need it to finish your art. I'll adjust the posting dates as needed. Simply let me know if you'll need that week as soon as you know.
Matching process, with revisions:

For all authors who turn in a draft by the new deadline, we'll first use last year's method for matching. Your header info will be listed, and artists will choose from those selections. Artists will then be sent the anonymized draft to work from. [Note: If you are open to working directly with the artist, please indicate that when submitting your draft. Authors Artists matched to these fics will have the option of learning the author and the author's contact information. The default will be no-contact.] Links to the finished art will be sent in so that the author (or I) can include the links in the fic posting. [Tangent: If anyone's familiar with posting/linking art at AO3 and would be willing to serve as a consultant, please let me know.]

New: There will then be a second option. Authors, if you do not have a draft ready by the deadline, you can choose to provide only your header information. These headers will then be offered to artists in a second round. There is no promise that these fics will be matched to an artist. If an artist selects one of these options, the author and artist will work together to ensure the artist has enough information to work from. (Yes, this means these authors will not be anonymous to their artists.) Neither authors nor artists are obligated to participate in this option.
Authors, please remember that if you do participate in matching, you're indicating that you fully expect to finish your fic by the final deadline. If for some reason you absolutely cannot finish, the artist will be given the option to have their art posted on the fic's scheduled date with an explanatory summary derived from the story information they used.
Questions, comments, objections, agreement? Please let me know. Comments are screened.
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