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Reminder: Deadline to be eligible for art is today!

Remember, if you want art, the deadline is today!

By "today", consider that to mean that it's Thursday somewhere in the world. Don't sweat hours or minutes.

Full draft submissions
If you have a draft ready, email it to the sga.genficathon user at gmail. I'd prefer that you attach a text file so that we can just transfer that file to the artist, but I can repackage if needed. Make sure to let me know if you're open to the artist knowing your identity!

Drafts should be submitted "today", but if you do finish your draft as late as Saturday 10am US EDT, you can send it along. I'll try to include it; no promises.

On Saturday, at noon US EDT, I'll post a members-only locked entry at sgagen_art that includes the header info for all submitted drafts. The header info will include a new line indicating whether the author is willing to be revealed to the artist. This entry will initially not allow comments, so that everyone has a chance to read all the entries. Fifteen minutes later, I'll switch the post to allow comments so that claiming can commence. The format will be the same as last year, with all info listed in the body of the post. (This is a tentative plan; please let me know of any problems or questions.)

Non-draft submissions
If you're not submitting a draft but want to participate in the round-two artist matching, leave a comment with your headers, including summary, here. (I'm cross-posting here, at DW, and in the art comm; you may use any of these locations.) I will screen comments, so they will not appear publicly but I will receive notifications for them.

I'd prefer to receive those "today", but I will accept them up until noon US EDT Saturday.

On Saturday, after I open the full-draft post to claiming, I will then create a second members-only locked post at sgagen_art for the second round. For this post, I will enter each submitted header/summary as a top-level comment, with replies frozen. This should be at about 12:30 US EDT. At 1pm US EDT, I will then remove the freeze on the comments; the first artist to respond, if any, is the claiming artist for that story. No one is guaranteed a match. For claims, I will forward my notification email including the author and all header info, and that artist can then work with that author to get as much detail as possible in order to create art. (Again, this is a tentative plan; so please let me know of any problems or questions.)

Remember, if you're submitting a draft or headers for artist matching, you're committing to finishing your fic in time to have it posted in the Genficathon, so please keep that in mind if you're currently uncertain you can finish. Even if you don't have a draft ready, you should be confident you can wrap up your story within the next month.
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