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Posting guidelines

Greetings, authors!

The final-draft deadline of 4 June 2 June is fast approaching. Stories should be posted to the collection at AO3, which is most easily done by going directly to this link. Doing so will ensure your story posts only to the collection, without revealing you to the public.

Following the prompts on this page in order:
Rating: Select whichever rating you find appropriate.

Archive Warnings: This field defaults to "Choose Not to Warn". This is, effectively, a "caveat lector" blanket warning. If your story contains any of the listed content (graphic violence, major character death, rape/non-con, or underage sexual activity), you must either select that item or select "Choose Not to Warn". (You can combine them. For example, if your story contains both graphic violence and a major character death, but you don't want to warn for the latter because you think it would spoil the story, you would select both "graphic violence" and "choose not to warn".)

Fandoms: Make sure to select "Stargate Atlantis" here. If you type part of a text at any of these "tag" fields, AO3 will offer suggestions if you pause briefly; if possible, please use that to select the existing fandom tag, to make sure it links properly from the outset. [If your browser balks at this, as IE8 on WinXP sometimes does for me, don't worry; if there are discrepancies, the tag wranglers will eventually make sure you still link up as long as your tag is at least close.]

Category: This should be gen, obviously! However, if a background [presumably canon, given the fest info] pairing is nonetheless significant, you can certainly also select the relevant other category/ies as well.

Relationships: Again, your story should be gen, but if there are background pairings/encounters, you can list them here. However, this field can be used for much more than romantic and/or sexual relationships! You can select or create tags such as "Elizabeth Weir & Teyla Emmagan & Kate Heightmeyer friendship", "John Sheppard vs. Acastus Kolya", "Richard Woolsey & Atlantis", or any other description of any significant relationships in your work. You don't have to use this field if you don't want to, though.

Characters: List your significant characters here (which is probably obvious). Again, most fandom canon characters will already have tags, so you can probably select from the existing ones once you've typed the start of their name(s).

Additional Tags: These can be anything you want! You can select from existing tags (such as "Humor" or "Angst" or "Team") or you could freeform a new tag (such as "Rodney McKay is Master of the Universe" or "John Sheppard needs a hug" or "Heightmeyer is underrated"). You are not required to list your category or prompt(s) here, but you are certainly welcome to. You can indicate non-archive warnings (such as "animal harm" or "may trigger for emotional abuse") here, too. Note: If your story includes any sexually suggestive content, you must indicate that either here or in the "Notes/At the Beginning" field!

Work Title: As it says on the tin.

Add co-authors: If you're writing with another AO3 member, use this to list them. In addition, if you're having any problems at all with posting/formatting, add my AO3 user (michelel72); let me know you did so; and let me know what you need help with. This will let me make adjustments directly on your behalf. If you've been matched with an artist, please go ahead and add me as a co-author as well so that I can make sure any cross-linking is handled without having to burden you. (I promise I'll remove myself before revealing the fics!)

Summary: Again, as it says on the tin.

Notes: You can use these to add explanatory notes and non-archive warnings at the start or end of the fic. If you aren't putting your category and prompt(s) in the tags, please put them here. Note: If your story includes any sexually suggestive content, you must indicate that either here (in the "at the beginning" notes) or in the Additional Tags!

Post to Collections/Challenges: If you use the link above, this field is all set and you can ignore it.

Gift this Work To: For now, please leave this blank, to make sure it doesn't interfere with anonymity. You can always change it after reveals if you do want to gift your work to someone.

Five ticky boxes: If you have multiple chapters, check the box indicating that so that you can use AO3's chaptering function. Please ignore the other four for now.

Choose a Language: As far as I know, everyone's writing for this fest in English, which is the default.

Custom Stylesheet: I'd advise skipping this unless you really know how AO3 stylesheets work.

Work Text: This is where the body of the work goes! You can use either the HTML editor or the Rich Text editor, as you prefer. You can simply paste from your text editor of choice.

Posting options: You can either Preview to make sure the layout is correct, or you can Post without Preview. Your choice.
Works will be visible to you, on your AO3 user page (but not in your Works subpage yet!), and they will be visible to community maintainers (me, leesa_perrie, and honorary maintainer sholio). You can edit the story as much as you need at any time.

Remember, if you have any problems at all, let me know, and you can list me as a co-author when you contact me if you need me to edit the work directly.

If you have any questions or quibbles at all, let me know! (Comments are screened for anonymity.) As new questions are asked/answered or as I encounter anything else to note, I'll edit this post, and I'll make the edits clear with the edit history below, so watch this space!
Edit History:
2240 (US EDT) 20 May 2012: Added "don't worry" clarification to "Fandom"; added entire amendment starting with "However" in "Relationships".
2152 (US EDT) 23 May 2012: Corrected final-draft deadline by strikethrough.
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