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*Tentative* posting schedule

Today is of course AO3's busiest day, meaning several folks are getting 502 errors when trying to post or access pages there. Sigh. I'm sorry about this. We'll get there.

This is a tentative posting schedule based on the fics that have been submitted or firmly promised by this point. There may need to be adjustments, but as a general guideline, this should be close.

I'm not listing names, for reasons that I expect are obvious. (All extensions are unique in their categories.) If your story is listed for a date you don't think will work — because you need an extra day or two of polish, for example — let me know and I'll see if I can tweak. Several of these dates are from such arrangements already, though, so there may not be much room.

Monday 4: Friendship 1: The Bridge
[Art linking in progress.]

Tuesday 5: Angst 1: [Either a pinch-hit Angst work with no art, or Humor 2 becomes Humor 1a here.]

Wednesday 6: Team 1: Toast - cut five ways
[Art links pending]

Thursday 7: Humor 1: Stayin' Alive
[Art in place]

Friday 8: Action/Adventure 1: Grit
[Art posting in progress.]

Saturday 9: AU: [Untitled - Brief extension given.]
[No art]

Sunday 10: Supporting Character 1: Write Her Name in the Sky
[No art]

Monday 11: Friendship 2: [Untitled]

Tuesday 12: Action/Adventure 2: Hot Springs & Cotton Candy
[Art links pending]

Wednesday 13: Team 2: Universal Truths
[No art]

Thursday 14: Humor 2: Five Things Rodney Learned ...
[Art linking in progress]

Friday 15: Action/Adventure 2a: [Untitled fic with ancient ghosts. Only draft has been received. Author: Should I post the draft fic as final for you?]
[Just claimed; art in progress]

Edit 1215 US EDT Sunday: The above schedule is also subject to modification if I receive more responses; the last two fics will bump up a day if the Angst pinch-hit doesn't come through. Note: I have gotten formal drop-out notices of one form or another from eight authors, but I need either a fic or a drop-out from four authors, as well as a plan from the author of A/A 2a up there. If you're one of the following generically described authors, would you please let me know if you're still participating? I need either a firm commitment (I can give a short extension, slotting you in to the week two fics, if you're certain you'll be ready by then) or a drop-out, please.
- Friendship fic, freestyle, Dave & Nancy Update received
- Angst fic, prompts include "The Eyes of the White Tower" Update received
- Angst fic, prompt "Where have you been?"
- Team fic, freestyle, AOL contact address Update received

Edit 1440 US EDT Sunday: Week 2 rearranged per update on a pending fic.
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