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Stargate Atlantis Gen Ficathon
Annual genfic festival
2012: Humor, Week 1: Stayin' Alive 
6th-Jun-2012 08:34 am
Genficathon Team Sunshine
Category: Humor
Title: Stayin' Alive
Prompt(s): [Freestyle]
Additional Content Notes: Seventies, mustaches, Humor, Action/Adventure, Team, Porn
Rating: Explicit. This gen fanwork includes explicit sexual content.
Wordcount: 13719
Summary: Trapped in 1972, John gets an offer he can't refuse, and the pornstache he's always wanted. But what happens when the whole team goes back to the Seventies to rescue him?

Story and art: Stayin' Alive

ETA 07 June 2012 2247 US EDT: Anonymous comments are now screened, because the discussion here has been linked at external locations.

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6th-Jun-2012 08:30 pm (UTC)
Explicit. This gen fanwork includes explicit sexual content.

then it's NOT gen, surely
6th-Jun-2012 08:54 pm (UTC)
This fanwork is not gen by definitions of the comm rules: All stories must be gen. For purposes of the ficathon, gen is defined as "established canon pairings only, and only if not the focus of the story".

How is porn gen? There is NO WAY that porn can be considered gen, regardless of het or slash status! Even kissing on screen is borderline gen, and some would say that wasn't gen too!! If this story is not removed, then I'm sorry, but I can't be associated with this comm in future. I would ask for my fic to be removed this year, but don't want to disappoint the artist.
6th-Jun-2012 09:50 pm (UTC)
I agree
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7th-Jun-2012 12:09 am (UTC)
i agree this isn't gen. maybe the intention for gen is there, but i just think that if at any point in my gen fic, im assualted with gay sex, it's not gen, no matter the circumstances.
7th-Jun-2012 12:16 am (UTC)
I really have to ask if you'd feel the same way if it was straight sex. Because if you wouldn't, the problem is you.
7th-Jun-2012 02:34 am (UTC)
I had no idea that GEN could be interpreted in so many different ways. In previous fandoms I've been in, it has always meant G or PG stories. Parings were never an issue, only rating.

So, to me this would not be a Gen story, but the com's guidelines don't mention anything on Rating, only parings. So, the question is - do you consider the sex a paring? I can't really comment since I have not read the story.

Also, I feel sorry for the writer and artist on this story, since there is all this discussion, but no comments on the fic and art.

ART: I found the art fun and nicely done. FIC: I have not, unfortunately, read the story and can not give proper feedback.
7th-Jun-2012 04:28 pm (UTC)
Gen as defined by Fanlore:
'A fanwork that contains no romantic or sexual content, either het (heterosexual) or slash (homosexual).'

I watched this comm because I saw it as a safe place away from the shipper wars, associated wank, het and slash and explicit sex. Gen and explicit sex don't go together, this doesn't even compute for me. Whether the sex is m/m, f/f or m/f it has no place on a gen comm.

If this fic has made it through on some loophole, then it needs to be closed, otherwise we need a new definition of the 'gen' part of the genficathon.
7th-Jun-2012 10:12 pm (UTC)
Hiiiii. michelel72 here; I'm the one who took on modding this fest, the one who didn't reject this fic, and the one who specifically added the "explicit content" advisory to the notices.

I understand that the allowance of this fic is controversial. If I mod again next year, based on what I've heard here and elsewhere about the likely expectations of folks who specifically seek out gen fics or follow a genficathon, I will modify the rules so that they clearly state that explicit sexual activity and sexual advances are not permitted.

But those were not outright stated in the existing rules, so I did not think it was suitable for me to reject this work (or a second one that does contain sexual advances) based on those grounds. As an explanation (not an excuse), I'm still learning what I "can" and "should" do as a mod. In addition, as is probably clear by the differing opinions in this post, different people have different opinions on what "gen" means. We can all provide explanations, rationalizations, and citations of other opinions, but there is (and, I think, always has been) blurriness to the boundaries of this concept.

In my judgment, this fic did conform to the strict letter of the rules. Rather than rejecting the fic, then, I chose to retain the fic but to label the content clearly so that no one who is uncomfortable with explicit sexual content would encounter it inadvertently.

No one, obviously, has to read the fic if they don't want to read sex. I know it's disappointing to skip a day, but it's not the case that this fic supplanted a no-sex fic; there are a total of 12 fics this year, of which two may not actually be turned in at all and one was a pinch-hit.

Discussion is obviously valuable, and I'm certain that if this fest continues, whoever next mods it (whether that's me or someone else) will clarify the rules so that this particular situation won't occur again. But I'll ask that folks keep in mind that no offense was ever intended by anyone (certainly not by me, and I have confidence not by the author) and that they can simply ignore this fic — or any other — if the overly permissive moderation this year means that content of debatable compliance is included.

PS: I am taking on faith that no one is reacting on the basis of the fic including specifically gay sex. Any arguments that same-sex content should be held to different rules in a gen setting will have no traction whatsoever with me.
7th-Jun-2012 10:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you for writing this. FWIW, I think you made a good mod call here.

I have a question about anonymous commenting: will that continue to be allowed on posts here, unscreened? I understand that it is meant as a courtesy for people who do not have an LJ (facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Google, etc.) account, and that unscreening puts a burden on the mod, but....
8th-Jun-2012 02:19 am (UTC)
Thank you for taking this on this year. You just never know when something will spark a difference of opinions. ;) Great response!
8th-Jun-2012 05:52 am (UTC)
I enjoyed this fic a lot -- great fun -- and thought the art went with it really well. I really like the overall teamy feeling (despite John being stranded away from the rest of the team for most of the fic) -- how John and Ronon and Teyla wished Rodney were with them instead of TempGuy instead, how John was present in Teyla and Ronon and Rodney's thoughts and actions while he was gone, and how John knew the team would be coming to rescue him.

On the meta topic, if we're talking about/trying to use Fanlore definitions, I might classify this fic on the Bob end of the gen scale (note that Fanlore has for several years been listing "Bob (genre)" as a synonym of gen, not as a "related" to or a "see also" for gen, and as schneefink pointed out, Fanlore's gen page has a lot more to it, including various older SGA examples of "gen or not" debated stories, than just that first limited definition sentence) but it still felt more gen than pairing (temporary or permanent ones) focused to me.

Also, kudos to michelel72 for clarifying this year's genficathon policies and discussing possibilities for the future, and working to keep the discussion civil. ♥
9th-Jun-2012 02:06 am (UTC)
Okay, I was writing for this and through some computer/jumpdrive issues I lost part of my fic which is delaying my posting. But I just got a message that sent me to this... mess.

My opinion was that a story was okay as long as it had no pairings (long term), and wasn't above an R rating.

Reading this makes me wonder about that. Would people honestly freak out if a person in a fic (for this) hit on someone else even if they wouldn't normally? And if they ended up kissing because they had no control over themselves at the time? Now I'm a little worried about trying to fix/finish my fic for the ficathon. Is it going to be rejected by the comm just because of that? I know this discussion sprang from a fic with sex in it, but I want to know.

9th-Jun-2012 04:24 am (UTC)
I wrote a comment and tried posting it twice, but both times I got a message to the effect that because of the Comm's settings, it was being entered as spam. I don't understand -- it was a comment like any other, so why was it considered spam?
9th-Jun-2012 04:31 am (UTC)
Looks like it's because you're trying to link to fanlore, and LJ doesn't consider that a whitelist site. In theory I can de-quarantine your comment, unless you've been deleting it — I don't currently see any "suspicious" comments available for checking.

And I've tried to turn off that irritating nonsense but I can't find a control for it ....
9th-Jun-2012 05:58 pm (UTC)
Just wanted to drop my two cents in, as a watcher of the comm and long-time gen reader. For me, I would not call this story gen. If the 'John as a sex worker' part had been more in the background-- a few sentences total-- I could see it being gen, but because the main premise of the story is him having lots and lots of sex (even though it's not him in a long-term relationship), I don't think it qualifies. (It doesn't even qualify as Bob, I don't think, which is canon-pairings and sex at about the same level as at the show. This is clearly more explicit than the show.)

The story was well written, though!
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