michelel72 (michelel72) wrote in sga_genficathon,

Today's fic post delayed

As a general rule, I've been trying to reveal each day's fic (or fic + art) post before 10am US EDT. (Actually, I've been aiming for between 7am and 8am, but see icon.) I chose this time in part because it gives a good overlap between European and US waking-hours exposure (sorry, Australia and Southeastern Asia) ... but I also chose it to give the works a good amount of exposure time before AO3's recurring State of Overwhelm during US late-afternoon-and-evening hours. That window, as well as Sunday in general, has been their peak demand period.

I've never before gotten 502s at AO3 on a Monday morning, much less only 502s.

[ETA: I meant to mention: They're aware of the overload, and they're working on it. The most recent spikes are likely due in large part to Fanfiction.net's recent purge and the scramble by folks to rescue their fics; the waiting-for-an-invitation queue is at 17,000 right now, while the invitation rate is held to something like 100 per day to try to prevent just such problems as they've been seeing lately.]

Because I can't get into the archive, I can't "reveal" the fic, so even if I had the direct link (which, thanks to poor planning, I don't), it wouldn't work.

Please rest assured that we do have a Friendship Week 2 fic to enjoy. I'll keep trying throughout the day, and as soon as I'm able to update the fic status to "revealed" and grab its URL, I'll post the links here and at the noticeboard.

I'm sorry for the delay.
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