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Stargate Atlantis Gen Ficathon
Annual genfic festival
Fic/art access and links (AKA AO3 404s) 
14th-Jun-2012 02:13 pm
Genficathon Team Sunshine
tridget just pointed out an interesting and rather annoying phenomenon: If direct work links are used, the art and fics at AO3 are generally available; but if the "expanded" collection link is used, folks not logged in at AO3 may get 404 errors.

This is not something I anticipated (certainly not something I planned). I had thought I was using direct links, but for two three ("The Bridge" and its art, "Grit" and its art; "Land of Shadows"), I inadvertently linked the collection version.

The difference is this:
Direct link to "Grit": http://archiveofourown.org/works/420972
Collection link to "Grit": http://archiveofourown.org/collections/SGA_GenFicathon_2012/works/420972

The sharp-eyed will notice that the difference seems only to be the insertion of collections/SGA_GenFicathon_2012/ in the link address.

So if you're getting 404 errors and the link you've gone to is the expanded version, please try stripping out that part. I've gone back to fix the links in the LJ comm, and I'll fix the links at the DW mirror and the Noticeboards once I'm out of my training class at work. I apologize for any confusion or fic inaccessibility.

Revised links:
The Bridge
Art for The Bridge
Art for Grit
Land of Shadows

For the curious: We have either one or two fics left for this year's fest; I'll know more by this evening (US EDT), and I'll indicate which in tomorrow's reveal.
14th-Jun-2012 06:29 pm (UTC)
Not logged in, and I just got a 502 error on that direct link for Grit. I think it's bad timing/something we'll have to wait out. I've heard the Avengers fandom/a flux of people leaving ffn when they started another random enforcement of no explicit fic rules really hit the Ao3 archive hard.
15th-Jun-2012 03:06 am (UTC)
The 502 error is a different one from the links logged in/logged out issue.

AO3 explains the reason for 502 errors at their site this way:

"Since 502 errors are associated with site slowness, it can be a bit unexpected to get a 502 as soon as you click. The reason this happens is that our servers are set up to keep an eye on how many requests are in the queue for them to handle. If there are more than a certain number, then the chances that the page will time out before it can be delivered are high. So, the server gives the 502 page right away instead so that you don't wait a long time only to be disappointed."

So you are right about it being timing. Try again later and keep your fingers crossed.

On the June 12 update, AO2 noted the 502 current errors and are working on the source of the problem but anticipate it may take until June 29 to sort this round of issues out.
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