sga_genadmin (sga_genadmin) wrote in sga_genficathon,

Poll: When to reveal authors?

You may notice the lack of a typical poll here. I figure the answers could be wide-ranging enough, it's better to do this as text.

When do you want me to reveal the author names?

I figure this could be anywhere from Monday, 18 June, to Sunday, 1 July. I'm not really choosy about when. So, those authors who were included in the main event, what are your thoughts? Please answer in the comments, which are not screened. You can indicate that you don't care, that you think I should wait at least a week from the last fic that posted, that it should/shouldn't be date X, or any other variation on the theme.

In addition, artists, do you want to be revealed now, before the artists, or with the artists?

Other folks can weigh in, of course, but the responses of official participants will be given greater weight.
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