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2012 Bonus Round!

This post serves as the bonus round collection point for the 2012 GenFicathon.

The bonus round will close whenever the authors are revealed. Uncertainty: exciting, right?!

To participate, create a gen fanwork of any kind. Then announce it by responding directly to this post according to the format and rules below. Only anon comments are screened, but I will also manually screen any comment that doesn't follow the rules (in my sole judgment).

You can post to your own journal or any favored archive (, Wraithbait, AO3, etc.). You can also post straight to the AO3 collection, but the collection settings will hide the work until I notice the comment and un-hide it. I will also remove the anon flag on AO3 bonus-round works when revealing them.

The Rules for the Bonus Round
The rules for this round are a bit different. No judgment of any kind is meant to reflect on the officially posted works, but due to various discussions, I wanted to set very clear guidelines for this new sub-event. (My personal definition of gen is pretty wide, but that's not relevant here; rather, I want to work towards the most common expectations of this community.)

So, for the bonus round ...

0. The work should not be "about" a romantic or sexual relationship of any kind, nor should that content represent a significant portion of the work.

1. No explicit sexual activity.

2. If the work contains romantic or sexualized activity or gestures of any kind, you must provide an advisory to that effect. From hand-holding with romantic intent through kissing up to accidental sleep-humping, if you see a need to include it, make sure you list it up-front.

3. If the work contains any romantic or sexual relationships, including canon ones, you must provide a listing, no matter how passing the reference.

4. If the work contains any common trigger content, either list it in the content advisory or enter "Choose Not to Warn". (Note: both romantic/sexualized activity and warnings go in the same field; that doesn't mean you can choose-not-to-warn about the former.)

5. Anon commenting is allowed for folks with no LJ user, but all anon comments must be "signed". Screening is turned on for anon comments, and I won't unscreen unsigned comments.

6. Format: At the top of the comment, cut-and-paste the below and answer both prompts:
If you use the HTML editor:
<strong>Content advisory</strong>:
If you use the richtext editor:
Content advisory:
Below those prompts, enter the work (for short forms like commentfic) or a link to the work. Include any standard headers. Wordcounts are love. If you've filed directly to the AO3 collection, state that so I know to go reveal your work; when I do so, I'll enter a response comment indicating the work has been made available.

I will amend these rules as needed, with an audit provided of any changes, so watch this space.

By the way, you can also post a prompt in the hopes someone else will fill it; in that case, enter <strong>Prompt</strong> [or Prompt: in richtext) at the start of your comment. Responses to prompt comments must follow the above-listed rules and format.

If anyone has any questions, concerns, clarifications, requests, etc., please ask. However, I would like to try to keep any responses here actual bonus-round content, so to ask by comment, please go to the author-date-poll post I've linked at the top here.

And finally: Art for "Hot Springs and Cotton Candy" would be especially welcome, as that fic was artist-matched but the art hasn't come through. ETA: We now have a couple, and I'm cross-linking and updating the author (since I'm no longer listed as a co-author for editing purposes). Thanks, clwilson and theeverdream!

Let's get some gen up in here!
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