michelel72 (michelel72) wrote in sga_genficathon,

AO3 invites available

Since this was the Genficathon's first year at AO3, I requested invitations on behalf of participants who weren't yet members there. At the time the archive was issuing batch invitations in groups of ten, and four-or-five of those were used, which means I have five completely unused invitations. With the drama at Fanfiction.net and AO3's tightened invitation schedule, I have no good excuse for just sitting on them.

I know there are clearinghouses for invitations, but since I requested them for this community, I wanted to offer them here first. If multiple people are interested, precedence will be given in this order:
- Authors/artists who posted works in this year's event before this post went live
- Authors/artists who signed up but did not ultimately participate
- Anybody else

To request one of these invitations, let me know the email address to send it to by comment here, by PM, or by email.

This offer expires either when the five unused invitations are taken (only one or perhaps two per requestor, please) or ... let's say 4 July, since that's a US holiday.
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