Tentative 2012 schedule; AO3 invites

Hello, all! It's not quite time for the SGA Genficathon to get started ... but that time is growing close. I therefore wanted to post a tentative schedule in time to make adjustments as well as announce a few changes.

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That's all I have for the moment. Please let me know of any questions, concerns, problems, AO3 invite requests, or general thoughts. I can be reached by comment here; by PM here or at DW; or by email (I have the same username,, or; those all eventually reach me at Gmail). Where possible, please note "SGA Gen" or similar in the subject line so that I can keep track. Otherwise, see you in a few weeks!

This is not the end

The Genficathon will change, but it can continue!

sholio has done a great job these past four years (thank you!) but is bowing out. That doesn't mean the days of the SGA gen fic fest are over, though.

I don't know yet its future form. If anyone has a passion to take on its next generation, I certainly don't want to get in the way. Otherwise, though, I'm definitely willing to give it a try, because there clearly is interest. I would be most interested in using the Archive of Our Own (AO3) system and model, due to its comparative ease (and LJ's DDoS woes), but I don't know how much interest that would inspire.

In order to get a feel along those lines, then, a poll:

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(Post cleared with sholio.)

One more Genficathon announcement

Hi again! This is an announcement that I didn't want to make during the period of the fest itself, but now that it's all over and done, I figured it was time to come out and officially announce that this is the last year I'll be running the SGA Genficathon.

There's no specific reason -- nothing bad has happened, nothing like that. It's just that I've been doing it for four years and I've really enjoyed it (well, most of it *g*), but my passion for SGA is no longer as strong as it once was, and I want to go out on a high note rather than keep doing it until it becomes a struggle and a burden.

If someone else wants to run Genficathon next year, I can turn over all the passwords and admin accounts to them. If someone wants to run their own Genficathon (probably by far the easier option, rather than trying to pick it up from me), either using my rules (which are actually very loosely based off the first year's mcshep_match rules) or their own, they are welcome to do so with my blessing. Either way, I'll be happy to offer any advice that I can, on the basis of my four years of running this fest.

I have no plans to take anything down, so all your stories and comments will remain right where they are. I'm not leaving fandom and I'll still be an administrator on the Genficathon account; I just have no plans to run another fest next year (but I have many warm and happy memories of the four years I've been doing it).

I'm very grateful to everyone for their assistance and support -- writers, artists, behind-the-scenes assistant mods, readers/commenters, and everyone else who has helped to make the Genficathon a success. When I first floated the idea, back in 2007, I had vague fears of getting no reaction at all (what if they gave a fanfic fest and no one came??), but the response has been absolutely great, each and every year. We've had a wide variety of stories featuring every single character in the main and supporting cast, running the gamut from pun-filled humor to novel-length action to serious stories tackling political issues; one year we even had a "choose your own adventure" story! It's been a great four years and I'm proud to have been a part of it. Thank you all so much.
Genficathon Team Sunshine

Genficathon 2011 Masterlist (with authors)

Thank you so much for your patience! Without further ado, here is our 2011 list of stories with authors.

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All the stories have had the author names and any extra stuff (beta thanks, etc) edited in. Please let me know if you need any changes/edits/corrections made to your story. You are now free to repost stories elsewhere, talk about them on your LJ and so forth.

Waiting on reveals?

There was a request to hold off on the Genficathon reveals for a little while, to give people more time to read and guess.

The main reason I was going to do them this weekend was because I am leaving early tomorrow morning on vacation and won't be back 'til the 12th. It is possible that I might be able to do the reveals while I'm gone, but I'm not counting on getting that much uninterrupted Internet time. However, I'd be fine with waiting to reveal them 'til the 12th or 13th, to give people more time to read and enjoy the stories while they're still anonymous, as long as the authors don't mind having to wait another week to get credit for their stories! (Actually, it'd be one less thing to do today, which would make my life somewhat easier.)

ETA: It looks like everyone is being very understanding, and since the day is slipping away from me rapidly, I'm going to go ahead and bump back the reveals another week. Reveals will be up on the 12th or 13th, when I'm back from vacation. Thank you for your patience!
Genficathon Team Sunshine

2011 Master List (and guessing post)

All of the 2011 Genficathon stories are below the cut. If you'd like to guess authors before the reveals, you can do so in the comments if you like! Author reveals will be next weekend. Thank you again to all the participating authors and artists -- our artists deserve a special round of applause: not a single default or dropout, and lots of gorgeous art! Please don't forget to leave comments for authors and artists if you enjoyed their work.

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Happy guessing, and thank you again for participating, writing, making art, commenting, and otherwise supporting the ficathon, this year and for the last three years. It wouldn't have happened without you!

ETA: Because it was brought up in the comments, some authors did write more than one story; the numbers don't add up, but they're not supposed to!

Genficathon: That's a wrap!

All the Genficathon stories and art are now posted - 27 stories and 25 pieces of art! If you submitted a story or an art assignment that has not been posted, please contact me ASAP via PM or by email at sga.genficathon at gmail dot com. I hope no one has been accidentally left out, but if anything has not been posted that should have been, I'll get it up immediately.

I'll have a story-guessing post up in the next day or so - as soon as I have time to put together a linked list of all the stories and a list of participating authors. Author reveals will be next weekend.

Thank you again to all the authors and artists for making it another great year!
Genficathon Team Sunshine

AU, Week 2: Step Outside (1/2)

Title: Step Outside

Author: schneefink
Genre: AU

Prompt: Stargate accident
Word Count: 14,900

Rating: PG-13
Summary: For years, the small group of survivors has been able to hide from the Wraith behind their shield. But now that the Wraith have found a potentially dangerous new weapon, Teyla is forced to act.

Notes: Much love and gratitude to michelel72 and busaikko. All remaining mistakes are mine.

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